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Connecting fintech globally

Copenhagen FinTech is your access point to the Danish Fintech Ecosystem. Through our vast network we connect key stakeholders from all parts of the financial services industry including corporates, startups, and universities. Copenhagen FinTech is fully supported by our partners and sponsors, which are comprised by some the largest banks in the Nordics, the Danish Bankers Associations, and unions representing the majority of employees in the Danish financial sector. Furthermore, we are in close collaboration with the Danish universities, which grants access to a large pool of talent and research. Copenhagen Fintech is the go-to organization if you’re curious about the Danish Fintech landscape.



The Danish FinTech Ecosystem

Copenhagen FinTech works to fully support its member base and the surrounding ecosystem. If you are a Copenhagen FinTech member, use the form below to inform us on your bridging needs. If you are an international company interested in matchmaking with either of the spheres, connect with us and we will strive to facilitate your desired outcome. 


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