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Corporate and Industry Activities

We are put in the world to help the fintech community grow. By becoming a startup member of Copenhagen Fintech, we will work with you to realize your dreams of building a value providing company to be remembered, done through our own expertise and unmatched network.

Financial institutions, corporate businesses, larger organizations, public institutions and others can engage with Copenhagen Fintech either as members, sponsors or partners. As a member, sponsor or partner you support the fintech community and gain access to a wide range of events and activities which will support your organization in terms of fintech and innovation. We fundamentally believe that startups are a unique and essential renewal-resource in any industry and we work closely with corporates and industry to empower them in their journey of open innovation. Join us if you are interested in insights in:

What is going on in the rapidly changing world of fintech

Why your organization should work closer with fintech startups

Who your organization should partner up and work with

How your organization should partner up and work with fintech startups

We offer access to:

  • Community Events: The fintech lab hosts hundreds of events a year focusing on fintech innovation
  • Innovation Masterclasses: We run a special series of events focusing on open fintech innovation
  • Demo Days and Matchmaking: Stay updated on the amazingly talented startup community
  • Global Innovation Delegations: Join our delegations to global fintech hotspots
  • Fintech Insights and Whitepapers: Get access to the latest insights in Danish and global fintech
  • Programs: We are specialized in building programs that enable start-ups and corporates to work together
  • Nordic Fintech Week: Participate in what is probably the most important fintech event in Northern Europe – The Copenhagen Fintech Week. (2022: A two day event from September 27-28 with side activities and events)

For any enquiries please contact Marie-Louise Roth.

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