A new fintech newsletter for the Nordic region

The newsletter will be launched on the 23rd of October and you can sign up for the first one here.

With a rapid pace the Nordic countries are on the verge of the fourth industrial revolution. The region is one of the frontrunners in Europe when it comes to technological development and innovation. Especially in the financial industry.  Globally, fintech is a growth area surrounded by massive and complex legislation. But in the Nordics, the ecosystem fosters a strong and supportive environment for financial, academic and legislative institutions ready to take fintech to the next level.

This newsletter will help maintain and strengthen that position by creating a better understanding of innovative solutions and commercialization of new technology. The media will focus on the rapid development and digitalization that effects the future and that will shape us as individuals and professionals. The media offers users an alternative to traditional news coverage.

“We are determined to break down – in a digital world – unnatural silos that characterize traditional media and we assume that all industries are shaped by technology – in particular the financial sector,” Jakob Lindmark Frier, Editor in Chief of Fintech Catalyst says.

“With our technological perspective, we acknowledge that we live in a globalized and connected world, where outdated distinctions such as ‘national’ and ‘foreign’ are no longer applicable. With a focus on Nordic region in a highly competitive global market, we are connected to the rest of the world. This will be reflected in our journalistic approach, by focusing on more than traditional topics.” 


The newsletter will be distributed biweekly and is established by the Danish startup media TechSavvy Media with support from Copenhagen Fintech.