Brazilian government to launch Danish Nem-ID inspired digital platform

The tie between Denmark and Brazil strengthens as the Brazilian government unveils new digital platform heavily inspired by Danish NemID.  In March 2016, Brazil and Denmark signed a partnership agreement for increased innovation and digitization of the public sector in Brazil. The agreement is designed to help Brazilians to reduce corruption and at the same time pave the way for growth of Danish companies in the South American country. Two Brazilian delegations have visited Denmark to learn about our experience with digitization, and one of the first concrete results of this collaboration has now materialized: Brazil’s own version of NemID – the first prototype to be launched in March.

Following the lines of this Nordic-South American adventure, Copenhagen FinTech is in collaboration with IDCK São Paulo planning the second Fintech Innovation Camp in São Paulo and we want to bring you along. If you want to know more, the ICT export advisor Júlia Cardoso will be at Copenhagen Fintech Lab Thursday the 16th of March at 16.00 for a workshop on Latin American market and the camp in Brazil.

Read more about the trip here.