Copenhagen FinTech Co-Lab opens at Pier47

The Copenhagen FinTech team is proud to present the new addition to their growth aspirations, Copenhagen FinTech Co-Lab, in the exclusive Pier47 building at Langeliniekaj in Copenhagen.

The Co-Lab will be exclusively for our corporate Partners & Sponsors as well as fintech scale-ups, while the regular FinTech Lab at Christianshavn will function as it already does.

There will be great opportunities for corporates to house their innovation departments in the Co-Lab, as it is often a natural choice for big players to separate their innovation units from their regular offices.

This includes specific innovation programs held weekly, monthly and quarterly, to be used by both the corporate innovation units and the scale-ups housed in the Co-Lab. The scale-ups in the Co-Lab will be companies that are further in their development than the normal start-ups housed in the regular FinTech Lab.

Opening a second lab is largely due to the great expansion of the Danish fintech startup scene within the last year, but just as much in order to create a better environment for corporates to evolve their internal innovation departments.

Just a year ago, there were less than 15 people at Copenhagen FinTech lab, which now houses 170, with twice as many fintech startups in the Danish eco-system now as compared to one year ago.

With such a large expansion in both the amount of fintech companies and startups turning into scale-ups, the new Co-Lab is the next great addition to the expansion of the fintech industry.