Copenhagen Fintech Forum


Copenhagen Fintech Forum

Copenhagen Fintech wants its members to connect, share knowledge and promote greater collaboration within the Danish fintech ecosystem. For this reason, we are introducing Copenhagen Fintech Forum.

Copenhagen Fintech Forum will provide a neutral space for like-minded ‘fintechers’ to discuss and share knowledge on topics that are highly relevant to the fintech ecosystem. Our goal is that the fintech forum will provide a ‘united ecosystem voice’ that can provide input to and participate in qualified discussions
So, what characterizes a fintech forum?

A fintech forum will be a self-governed network that discuss and shares knowledge/experience within a specific fintech topic.

For the fintech forum to have some consistency, we suggest the following formal requirements:

  • Minimum four meetings annually
  • A clearly defined purpose statement
  • An external owner and facilitator that commits to a fintech forum for one year

Copenhagen Fintech will help organize the first meeting and help with marketing throughout.

We suggest the following fintech forums:

  • Regulation
  • Corporate Innovation and Intrapreneurship
  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies
  • Payments

If you want to host, join or have other ideas for potential fintech forums. Please write Niklas Weckesser at [email protected]