Dankort app to be launched in spring 2017

In 1983 the Danish Dankort was used for the first time to buy a pair of shoes. 34 years later the Dankort will be made easily accessible on mobile wallets and enable payments by Dankort on mobile devices in the same way that many Danes are familiar with from the contactless card.  Nets who will launch the new Dankort app responds to the wish of retail and makes it easy to get started with Dankort payments using the mobile phone, regardless of the choice of bank.

Nets is collaborating on open infrastructure with a variety of banks such as Sydbank, Spar Nord Bank and Nykredit Bank, which will ensure transparency and integration of Dankort with other digital wallets. Thus, Dankort will be available in other digital wallets as well. Both retailers and consumers have expressed great satisfaction with move to make the Dankort digital, as it will make it easy to use for consumers, and cheap to integrate for retailers.

The wallet will be available on Google Play and App store in spring 2017.

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