Elevating New Nordic Fintech Innovation in Japan - 2020

Individual Corporate Demo Days for Japanese Corporations

Are some business units in your organisation looking for open fintech innovation partnerships? Or do you need to engage and enlighten part of your organisation more deeply in fintech partnering as driver for innovation?

Then a Copenhagen Fintech Individual Demo Day is a good way to start!

Copenhagen Fintech has community relations to more than 250 talented Danish fintech startups and to almost 1000 talented fintech startups across the Nordics. Our community of Nordic startups are active in all fintech categories – but the five key strongholds below are areas Nordic fintechs are pioneering:

  1. ESG Screening, Sustainability and Impact Investing
  2. Enterprise Financial Solutions for SMEs
  3. AML, KYC, Anti-Corruption, and Crime Prevention
  4. Financial Inclusion and Financial Services for everybody
  5. Open Banking Solutions and Enablers

Connecting talented fintech startups with the challenges and pain points from corporate organisations is at the core of the DNA of Copenhagen Fintech. We have experience facilitating partnerships between Nordic fintechs with corporations, investors, and public institutions across the world.

At the individual demo days, we focus on one or two of the key strongholds (or more individualized challenges) based on your company's needs and desires. Copenhagen Fintech then arranges a 2-3 hour session with 4-8 demos from talented startups. The programs are individualized and can be done at the Fintech Lab in Copenhagen or 100% digital.

The agenda for an Individual Corporate Demo Day would typically be:

  • Introduction of the corporate partner. Who is present and why are we interested in this particular fintech area?
  • Introduction of Copenhagen Fintech. Open Innovation, fintech partnering dilemmas and processes
  • Individual startup demos
    • 10 min presentation and 10 min of questions for each startup
  • Feedback session with Copenhagen Fintech and corporate partner
  • Learnings & next steps

*For the demo days to make sense, it is important that the right people from your organisation take part.

**We would expect you to select one or two of the five key strongholds or alternatively be quite precise on which type of fintech startups you are interested in.

***The demo days are initial inspiration matches. Copenhagen Fintech does not provide detailed scouting and due diligence services as part of this program. Please see our more ambitious programs for detailed scouting and due diligence services.

How to register

Please contact Simon Schou at [email protected] or Sebastian Jensen at [email protected] if you’re interested in an Individual Corporate Demo Day.