Disrupting Leadership #1: Leadership & Innovation

08 May 2019

09:30-12:00 Applebys Plads 7, 1411 København K
Does the future need your leadership?  Join us at this presentation, where you will learn more about your personal innovation profile and the power of transformation in the innovation process. Understand your personal innovation-profile, and discover if your preferences are about innovation, revolution or evolution. Depending on your profile as a leader, the culture in which you are handling change and innovation and the profile of your team, you can achieve different degrees of success with your innovation efforts. If you approach innovation as a process of transformation, this presentation will give you some well documented tools, processes and methods supporting your change and innovation while at the same time also keeping a performance and customer relationship in focus. Your personal and professional outcome: You will learn more about how ”innovation” can beviewed as a transformational process, calling for new structures, competencies and mindsets. You will discover your own innovation-profile and get a sense of your personal approach to change and innovation. You will also get some ideas on how to use the profile within your team. You will receive inspiration about adult learning, and howyou can overcome your own and your teams “Immunity to Change”. This part of the presentation is based on theapproach developed by Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey from Harvard University. You will be presented to a model for cultural development, which will help you getting started with the best mindset possible for change and innovation depending on the culture. You will get an understanding of the leadership skills needed for building a more innovative and transformative culture. About the presenter In more than two decades Flemming Christensen have integrated different disciplines as psychology, leadership, teamwork and philosophy to support the needed change, innovation and transformation within teams and organizations. He is author of 15 books certified by The Enneagram Institute, New Ventures West, The Leadership Circle and professor Ole Fogh Kirkeby. He has studied integral leadership at Notre Dame University, Somatic Leadership at Strozzi Institute, Immunity to Change by Robert Kegan. Flemming is also a zen-buddhist and studies with his teacher in San Francisco. Assumptions The presentation is built on the assumption, that innovation can either be created as an addition to the organization and therefor more will have the nature of an startup-business, which will not have any major impact on the innovation and change-culture of the organization – or innovation can be addressed as a transformation process, a transition or an evolution of the existing culture. With the mindset of transformation more leaders will build new skills to support change and innovation impacting the overall culture on a much larger scale creating a new mindset supporting learning, growth, change and innovation. The topics • Innovation in general, covering the terms of innovation, change, transformation and evolution. • Learning cultures, covering the parameters of a learning culture, the difficulties about creating and maintaining a culture of learning. • Personal innovation profile, covering and insight in your own personal innovation profile and the option of using the profile in your own team. • Immunity to Change, covering the understanding about the essential assumption, which prevent change and innovation. • Cultural levels, covering the different cultural levels within organizations and how to work with different cultures. • Leadership competencies, covering the skills and competencies needed for leaders to success with change, innovation, transformation and evolution. Audience Leaders of teams who are responsible for initiating, supporting, drive and building the culture for innovation and HR-professionals who are responsible for supporting their leaders in the process. More information For more information about content please contact: THINK ABOUT IT Phone: +45 70278060 Web: Blog:
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08 May 2019 (Wednesday) 09:30-12:00 Applebys Plads 7, 1411 København K