Incubation Demo Day

13 December 2019

Want to meet true upcoming Nordic fintech Startups? We have 8-10 very promising startups in our early stage incubation programs running this fall. The teams graduate on December 13th and we invite our partners and sponsors for an exclusive demoday followed by Glögg and networking to meet the teams. More info on the teams will follow, but save the date. We have limited space with preferred access to our partners and sponsors.  Find out about the pitching teams:  PLX AI PLX AI developed algorithms that extract market-moving information from companies, governments and central banks and deliver it instantly to clients in the form of automated headlines and stories. We do this faster, cheaper and in a machine readable format.  Orangebooks empowers entrepreneurship - our one-stop-shop platform includes everything a modern entrepreneur needs - automated bookkeeping, smart eInvoicing and revenue collection, VAT, Tax, payroll - all AI-powered, all under one hood.  Clockwork Clockwork is the next generation investment platform that unifies the most influential stocks and cryptos. It has never been this engaging and easy for young people to invest.   AI Alpha Labs We improve asset managers' risks and returns by combining our economical knowledge and asset management experience with a unique probability-based AI model. Rumly We have made it easier for people who already have a home, to swap this for a new one. When you create your home, you also tell us what you are looking for. Then our unique SwapMatch algorithm only shows you homes where mutual desires are fulfilled. This means that you only see the homes that match your wishes, while the others are also interested in yours. Contract Technology We are creating a Contract Information Network, to enable companies and Contract Managers to maintain complete understanding and a full overview of each contract at all times Finklusiv Denmark Finklusiv Danmark is a social enterprise that has set out to develop the first formal inclusive financial solution for under-represented micro business owners in Denmark. The DreamPlan advisory solution informs the user about their financial situation at present based on their actual financial data – and allows the user to play around with different possible future scenarios taking into account dreams of larger investments (a new car, a year off work, a trip around the world, early pension etc). Everybody wins when financial products and service easily and hassle-free can support the customers desired way of life. White Swan We enable our clients to become their own banks through a platform for using permanent life insurance as an investment vehicle. This involves guaranteed growth and generous dividends, no taxes, as well as the ability to access the cash value without liquidation through policy collateralized loans. Our vision is to enlighten the millennial generation with this tried-and-tested strategy through a youthful and digital communication, a re-imagined distribution and underwriting process, as well as a sustainability focus that integrates measurable charity donations in our core financials. Read more about the incubation program:
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13 December 2019 (Friday) 14:00-16:00