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With Future Finance we have seen Spar Nord as a very proactive bank in the FinTech Eco-system. With Future Finance they invite 3rd parties to collaborate. So far, we have seen investments in and partnerships with SubHub and ERNIT. Furthermore, this is only the beginning related to PSD2. In matter of PSD2 the bank will go even further by exposing more API-services to ensure a great customer banking experience. Truly unique and the essence of Open Innovation.

Within short time they have achieved some amazing results. Both concrete partnerships with start-ups but also their strategy about opening their API. Taking their size into account, it is very inspiring - not only for other banks but also the entire Eco-system.

Video about the innovative initiatives from Spar Nord Bank


Copenhagen FinTech every year hands out and award to the most innovative action within the overall Danish fintech ecosystem. This can be a new fintech solution, product or service within existing fintech companies - but it can also be new partnerships, platforms or creative actions taken by individual organization or different organizations in collaborations.

The winner was selected among an independent highly qualified judging panel and was announced at the Copenhagen FinTech Innovation Day October 6th 2017.

The Copenhagen FinTech Innovation Award 2017 is published in collaborations with Signicat. Signicat is a Digital Identity Service Provider (DISP) and is dedicated to innovate in the areas of electronic identity and signatures, and to offer customers solutions that enable them to offer their products and services in new and innovative ways.

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