ITU launches first data science degree in Denmark

In recent years, the amount of available data has grown extensively and today more than 2,5 Exabyte of data (10^18) is produced every day. With an increasing need for translating big data into insights and business ideas, ITU is launching a new 3-year bachelor degree that wants to meet the growing demand for specialists in handling large amounts of data.

Big data has had a favorable development due to innovations within machine learning, data mining, statistics, and the theory of algorithms which has made it possible to yield data-analysis methods that can be applied to increasingly large data-sets. This has increased the demand for specialists who can dig out the gold from the huge amounts of data generated by companies and translate them into meaningful facts and actionable insights. We are happy to see the extended focus on data science in Denmark following the footsteps of prestigious universities such as MIT and Stanford.

Read more about the degree at ITU’s webpage here.