Join the India FinTech Business Mission Q3 2017!

Copenhagen FinTech is launching a internationalization program “GLOBAL CONNECT” and is therefore arranging a business trip to Bangalore, India in Q3 2017

India is rapidly transitioning into a dynamic ecosystem offering fintech start-ups and more established fintech companies enormous business opportunities. The traditionally cash-driven Indian economy has responded well to the fintech revolution, primarily triggered by a surge in e-commerce and smartphone penetration. The transaction value for the Indian fintech sector is estimated to be approximately USD 33 billion in 2016 and it is forecasted to reach USD 73 billion in 2020 growing at a five-year CAGR of 22%.

So how do we get into these huge business opportunities!

Copenhagen Fintech is therefore – in close collaboration with Innovation Centre Denmark – arranging a business opportunity trip to India in Q3 2017. Dates are not fixed yet – and at the moment we are seeking dialogue with potential participants.

The trip is relevant for all fintech companies – no matter size and shape – seeking global business opportunities whether it is capital, potential partners, new ideas, customers or subcontractors.

We will carefully arrange the entire trip, investigate your needs, and we will hook you up with potential customers, partners, investors or subcontractors who can help you grow your business at a global scale. You will of course meet the highly skilled Indian it-specialists and we will also visit the booming fintech startup-ecosystems and co-working spaces around Bangalore.

If you are a small company with less than 50 Employees, we can also offer to cover 50% of your travel expenses.

If you’re interested – please contact Kasper Jørgensen [email protected] or Simon Schou [email protected]