Launch of

Finally it’s time for me to start here at Copenhagen FinTech – great! My calendar is already quite filled with meetings and activities but I hope to meet as many of you as possible in the near future. My beginning also marks the introduction of a few new initiatives. Firstly we have decided to communicate in English. Many of our members and residents in Copenhagen FinTech Lab are English speaking and if we want to fulfill our international ambitions we must also have an international profile. Secondly we have spiced up our newsletter and finally I’m excited to announce that we launch our new website today. Hopefully you’ll find our new website to appear more “light” and modern in its expression and still contain the basic information about Copenhagen FinTech that you need. . We would love your feedback and if there is something of value to you that we might have missed.

Best regards,
CEO, Thomas Krogh Jensen, Copenhagen FinTech