Lendme and Nordea enter into collaboration

Danish startup Lendme enter into collaboration with Nordea, which means that private customers can now receive loan offers from Nordea Finance, when they apply through Lendme’s online platform.
The collaboration derives from Nordea’s sponsorship of Copenhagen FinTech, whose co-working space Lendme is a part of.

“Lendme is a first-mover on the loan broker market in Denmark, and the collaboration must be seen as a first step and a new landmark in Nordea’s strategy in terms of partnerships with startups, who have new ideas and financial service models to the benefit of consumers,” says Bjørn Bøje Jensen, Head of Nordea Finance.

Lendmes online broker platform makes it possible for consumers to apply for loans a single place, but will receive several offers from different banks and financial institutions. In this way, the consumers can compare the different offers and choose what is best for them, in a simple way.

The platform meet the changing consumer behavior the bank sector is seeing in recent years, says Bjørn Bøje Jensen.

Lendme’s CEO and partner Frederik Murmann is very excited about the collaboration with Nordea Finance and sees it as an advantage for their customers that a company like Nordea is part of their platform.

“The partnership between us and Nordea Finance will further contribute to healthy competition on the private loan market and will increase our customers’ possibility of finding the best offer. It is therefor only healthy and great that a financial institution as Nordea Finance jumps on board with their expertise within loans.”

Copenhagen FinTech CEO Thomas Krogh Jensen is just as excited for the collaboration.

“It is great to see that Nordea’s support and sponsorship has sparked this co-operation. It will definitely inspire and motivate new actors in the fintech-environment where new and innovative ideas are created.

On lendme.dk you can receive loan offers from Nordea Finance already.