Invitation to Danish-Israeli Cyber Security Webinar

29 September 2020

Israel is one of the countries most prone to cyber-attacks, but it is also, in some sense by necessity, at the forefront of providing top-quality cybersecurity – military as well as civilian. Tel Aviv in particular has developed into a leading cyber hotspot, where 20% of all global venture capital for cyber is invested, more than 450 startups operate, and where the tech talent pool is unrivalled. Given its military first-mover advantage in cyber security, Israel has had a head start vis-a-vis many OECD countries on the civilian and commercial use of cyber, positioning it as one of the most advanced cyber ecosystems outside of the USA and China. During the past decade, Israel has fostered some of the leading companies in cybersecurity including mature cyber companies like CyberArk and Check Point and a vibrant group of startups and scaleups. Through solid venture capital investments, the companies are developing ever more advanced cybersecurity solutions.

It is this expertise we want to bring forward in this webinar organised by the Innovation Centre and Embassy of Denmark in Israel and Team8.

Invitation to Danish-Israeli Cyber Security Webinar

Invitation to Danish-Israeli Cyber Security Webinar 2.png

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