When corporations and fintechs work together, magic happens

27 September 2021

Why are startups beneficial for financial institutions and vice versa? When corporations and fintechs work together, magic happens.

A new blog post by Digital Hub Denmark outlines how collaboration and teamwork are embedded in the culture of Danish society, and how it is no exception when it comes to partnerships between corporations and fintechs.

The Danish fintech ecosystem is seeing an increase in the number of partnerships as both sides - startups and incumbents - have realized how they can complement one another: fintechs can focus on a specific problem in the industry and act as an expert for big companies that are busy with their agendas, speeding up the whole process.

Copenhagen Fintech CEO, Thomas Krogh Jensen and Søren Nielsen from Subaio were asked to tell us more about how this reflects in Fintech:

“To survive and grow, many fintech startups turn to collaborating with established banks and institutions. As a result, this brings advantages to both sides; banks gain the agility and innovation of fintechs while offering decades of customer loyalty, scale and established networks in return to the fintechs,” Thomas Krogh Jensen says.

Read the article here


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