Nordic Fintech Angels – New Nordic Fintech initiative for start-up and investor matchmaking

Press Release

Copenhagen, August 17 2017

Nordic Fintech is booming. New start-ups are launched on almost a weekly basis and interest from global investors in Nordic Fintech start-ups is growing significantly.

This week, Nordic Fintech Angels are launched as an independent advisory board to ensure that viable professional Fintech start-ups are matched with committed angel and institutional investors – throughout the Nordics and globally. Behind Nordic Fintech Angels is 5 experienced Danish executives from finance and Fintech.

Nordic Fintech Angels provide an advisory function for Fintech start-ups throughout their growth and international expansion and a qualifying entry point into Nordic Fintech for global investors.

Nordic Fintech Angels’ mission is to advise, support and challenge Nordic Fintech start-ups and provide access to serious investors at the right time in their growth phase. Each co-founder of Nordic Fintech Angels brings to the start-ups significant experience from Fintech, finance, and investments from their current or former positions – along with a strong network in the Nordics and globally.

Peter Andreasen, co-founder of NFTA: ’Naturally, not all Fintech start-ups are created equal in the eyes of serious Nordic and global investors. However, how to find the ’gem’ among the stones for each individual investor can be a real challenge, especially if you are not part of the Nordic Fintech ecosystem on a daily basis. We provide that qualifying filter and act as a sounding board for interested investors, whether they be angel or institutional’.

Throughout their advisory and investor activities, Nordic Fintech Angels are independent and open to collaboration with all parts of the Fintech ecosystem, both in the Nordics and globally. The ’open door’ philosophy is practiced literally, as Nordic Fintech Angels provides open invitation at ’meet & greet’ launch in Copenhagen on August 16.

Thomas Krogh Jensen, Copenhagen Fintech: ’We welcome NFTA as a significant strengthening of the Danish Fintech ecosystem. The interest from both investor side and from leading Fintech hubs across the globe is increasing day by day and Nordic Fintech Angels provides a qualifying entry point for investors to our Fintech start-ups’.

The founders of Nordic Fintech Angels are:

Peter Andreasen, Executive Advisor

Jacob Hallager, Chief Commercial Officer, SDC A/S

Bo Heide-Ottosen, Executive Advisor

Line Christa A. Sørensen, COO, Trifork

Thomas Vejlemand, CEO, Infomedia A/S

For more information, please contact:

Peter Andreasen, Nordic Fintech Angels:

Tel: +45 21 67 79 54 / E-mail: [email protected]