We wish to create a Danish fintech ecosystem in Nordic topclass!

Membership model


Partners of Copenhagen FinTech are responsible for building up the fintech ecosystem. Partners are privy to a range of special benefits such as the option of nominating a member to the board of directors in Copenhagen FinTech and access to entrepreneurs.


Sponsors are often companies or organisations that will benefit from Copenhagen being developed into a strong centre for fintech activities. Sponsors have the opportunity to get close to entrepreneurs and gain a range of privileges in connection with Copenhagen FinTech Lab.


Members have the option of actively participating in events, network meetings, Copenhagen FinTech Innovation Day etc. In addition, there is the option of taking part in fintech meetings.

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Our Board

Chairman: Mikael Munck

Kent Petersen​, Finansforbundet

Ulrik Nødgaard, Finansrådet

Susanne Brønnum, Nets

Anders Hestbech, Købstædernes Forsikring

Jesper Scharff, SDC

Lars Petersson, Sparekassen Sjælland

Ole Madsen, Spar Nord Bank

Bjarne Winge, Københavns Kommune

Nicholas Meilstrup, CrediWire 

Lars Arne Christensen, Infiniance​

Tonny Rabjerg, CodeSealer




Our Team

Thomas Krogh Jensen

Phone: +45 20 60 15 48

Simon Schou

Phone: +45 24 79 11 28

Kasper Jørgensen
Business Consultant

Phone: +45 30 16 10 29

Rasmus Bjørn Dahl
General Manager

Phone: +45 22 96 18 22 

Niklas Weckesser
Student Assistant

Phone: +45 30 16 11 21

Aske Laustsen
Student Assistant

Phone: +45 30 16 11 23