Partnership Program for Universities and R&D

National Position of Strength programme for “Finans & Fintech” (2021-2024)

As part of the “National Position of Strength programme for Finans & Fintech”, Copenhagen Fintech developed a range of activities to support research driven innovation and cultivate long term strategic relationships between universities and knowledge institutions and companies in the financial and fintech sectors. The programme wants to support research driven innovation which benefits Danish companies and businesses.

In the next 4 years, we will develop a fintech network with people from research and various entrepreneurship departments, support bridgebuilding activities, collaboration and promote knowledge transfer between universities, knowledge institutions and businesses.

One key activity in this programme is an Open Call to scope and develop collaboration projects and hackathons between research partners and  finance / fintech companies: the established companies, start-ups and SMEs. We will facilitate a  process to create  research projects and pilot  projects together with the knowledge institutions.

Copenhagen Fintech, in collaboration and co-creation with the research institutions and industry, will support projects with the aim of finding the best ideas and solutions to relevant problems within finance and fintech. The research projects will directly promote collaboration between the various actors in the ecosystem and should lead to even more and larger cooperation projects without support from the cluster.

The project is funded by ‘Uddannelses og Forskningsministeriet’ and runs for 4 years.​​
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For more info, contact:
Kirsten Van Dam
Head of Research & Partnerships
Phone +45 52675639
E-mail [email protected]


Open Call for funding Research Projects & Hackathons

We are constantly looking for innovation projects between universities and industry. If you have an idea for a potential research proposal that you like to discuss, please let us know by sharing your idea!

Please fill out the final application form below to let Copenhagen Fintech know which subjects of interest would be relevant for collaboration projects between industry and organizations.

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Process & Timelines

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Strategic Knowledge Partners (2021-2022)


Copenhagen Business School (CBS)


Aarhus University

ITU_logo_CPH_UK jpg.jpg

ITU University


University of Copenhagen


Aalborg University


DTU (Denmark Technical University)


Alexandra Institute


FORCE Technology

Iba Logo 52401-7d62d76e.png

IBA Erhvervsakademi Kolding


Stanford Center for Human rights & international Justice

Contact our Strategic Knowledge Partners

Copenhagen Business School (CBS)

Helle Zinner Henriksen - [email protected]

Aarhus University
Christoph Merkle (Økonomi) - [email protected]

Jesper Buus Nielsen (Datalogi) - [email protected]

Rene Goduscheit (Bustech) - [email protected]

ITU University
Peter Ibsen - [email protected]

University of Copenhagen
Camilla Vang Arffmann - [email protected]

IBA Erhvervakademi

Allan Klain - [email protected]

Aalborg University
Jesper Chrautwald Sort -[email protected]

DTU (Denmark Technical University)
Arne Jensen - [email protected]

Alexandra Institute
Laura Møller- [email protected]

FORCE technology
Søren B Sørensen - [email protected]

Stanford Center for Human rights & international Justice
Søren Juul Jørgensen - [email protected]