Presentations – Copenhagen Fintech Week

Find your presentations from Copenhagen Fintech Week below!

June 18: Regulation and Fintech

Regulating FinTech and Sandboxes_- Alexandra Andhov

Learnings from Denmark’s First ICO – Norfico

Regulating Smart money – Jonas Hedman

RegTech, Opportunities and Challenges – Lars Ohnemus

Why Fintech and Regulation – Lars Ohnemus

June 20: Fintech Disrupt

World of Fintech – A Silicon Valley Perspective – Bradley J. Gersich

COPITS – Cybersecurity EU’s Network and Information Security (NIS) – John M. Foley

Blockchain for impact – Zikry Kholil

Blockchain, Breaking down walls and building bridges for a better society – Sandra Ro

June 21: Demo Day

Demo Day June 21 – Description of startups (pitching : exhibiting)

June 22: Where is Danish Insurance and Pension heading?

Program – Insurtech & Pensiontech in Denmark

2. Susanne Møllegaard – Six megatrends that will take insurance back to the future

3. Trustworks – Lars Albert

4. The Digital Insurance and Pension Industry

5. Undo_Sophie Grønbæk

6. gigga, Elena

7. Tryg – Alex Arrey

8. TIA Technology – Jakob Vang

9. Penstable – Pitch deck

11. Nordea

12. Industriens Pension – Camilla Høpner

– Team Copenhagen Fintech