Indo-Danish Fintech Week 2017


Copenhagen Fintech and Innovation Centre Denmark (ICDK) India would like to invite you for a 5 day “Fintech Business Discovery” Innovation Camp from November 6th to 10th 2017.

The trip will give you first hand, tangible experience with Fintech opportunities in India, geared towards market exploration and innovation driven commercial establishment. The program gives you an ideal platform to visit Indian financial institutions, innovation partners, potential customers, Indian Fintech startups and Danish companies in India and form world-class connections. The program is tailored for ambitious small or medium sized companies, but also researchers in Fintech with a global outlook and Danish financial corporates who are interested in the innovation eco-system in India


Download the Full Program of the India trip

Download The FinTech Ecosystem in India


So what will you be doing in India?

Overview of the Indian financial and fintech systems, updates on latest trends (political and marketwise), and insight in the Indian talent pool and how to reach out for it.

Matchmaking and 1-1-meetings with industry leaders, investors and potential partners. 

Site visits and fact-finding tour to financial institutions and startup companies.

Assessment of go-to-market strategies and opportunities for Danish companies.



Copenhagen Fintech is happy to invite Danish Fintech SMEs as well as Fintech corporates and Fintech researchers from Danish universities.
  • The trip relies on subsidies from the Ministry of Higher Education and Science of Denmark’s SME fund. Therefore, at least five SMEs must sign up in order for the camp to take place.
  • All preparations costs, including individual company matchmaking and meeting preparation related to the trip is covered by these subsidies.
  • In addition - If you are a small company with less than 50 employees the program can cover up to 50% of your total expenses for travel, hotel and catering during the trip. (Max 7500 DKK)
  • Max 20 participants – first come first served. Max. 2 persons per company
  • Large companies with more than 50 employees pay for travel, hotel and catering.





The trip is co-sponsored by the Ministry of Higher Education and therefore some costs will be covered:

Participants cover:

  • Participant price: 1,000 DKK 
  • Participant make their own flight reservation and payment- Airfare is approx. 6,000 DKK.
  • Visa: The cost of visa is 1,050 DKK per person.

Organizers cover:

  • ICDK India will manage the hotel reservations and internal logistics in India.
  • ICDK India will send you the invitation to obtain visa from the Indian Embassy in Denmark.
  • Accommodation: approx.  4000 DKK.
  • Internal transportation and catering approx. 3000 DKK.
  • Lets make it easy!: You pay participant price, return flight to India and Visa – we manage and pay the rest.


Do you wish to participate in the Indo-Danish Fintech Week 2017, or do you have questions? 

Sign up by contacting either of the contacts listed below:

Tom Sebastian
Deputy Head of Innovation Centre Denmark, India
[email protected]
Phone : +91-9945547857

Simon Schou
CIO- Copenhagen Fintech
[email protected]
Phone : +45 24791128