PSD2 draws closer – Open Banking API

As the full reveal of PSD2 draws closer, banks are already being proactive in meeting the requirements of the directive. Such is the case for Nordea which has just revealed their first version of its online banking platform targeted towards external developers. So far the site has limited functionality but unspecified pilot projects through 2017 will propel it towards official launch in Q1 2018.

As a first move towards a fully-functioning developer portal and community hub, Nordea has published the first iteration of the open webpage where developers can register to start their collaboration. As stated by Jarkko Turunen, Head of Open Banking at Nordea: “Open Banking will fundamentally shift banking in the way Internet Banking did more than a decade ago. We will see many new ways of distributing banking products. In the end, this creates more choice and value for customers. By opening up to developers, Nordea is seeking to actively collaborate with third parties and industry innovators to co-create future banking services for our customers”.

Nordea aims to embrace the changing landscape brought on by PSD2 and to collaborate even further with external partners and developers.

Visit https://nordeaopenbanking.com for more information.