Rising entrepreneurs need lawyers just as much as CEO’s with big empires. So we created Law Connect

The residents in Copenhagen’s new fintech dedicated co-working space, Copenhagen FinTech Lab, will from this day forward be able to receive highly qualified legal advice. Copenhagen FinTech has entered into agreement with seven leading financial attorneys to provide legal counsel to the Lab residents/Startups. In practice, the attorneys will periodically be present at Copenhagen FinTech Lab.

“It is very important that our members have access to qualified legal advice to grant them the best possible prerequisites to reach their full potential. This especially matters on the subject of compliance” states CEO of Copenhagen FinTech Thomas Krogh Jensen. He values the effort and commitment exhibited by the law firms. The initiative, named ‘Law Connect’, is another step towards creating the optimal institutional framework for the continued development of fintech in Denmark. “It is encouraging that everyone is positive and eager to invest the time and resources needed to grow the ecosystem and transform Copenhagen into a global fintech hub. We are already planning a similar agreement on the areas of accounting and PR”, Thomas Krogh Jensen says.

One of the law firms soon to be found offering legal advice at Copenhagen FinTech Lab is Kromann Reumert. Jacob Høeg Madsen, a partner, is looking forward to support the growth of fintech startups.“We are dedicated to contribute to the continued development of the Danish fintech sector, and welcome the new initiative from Copenhagen FinTech Lab. The financial sector is subjugated to extensive regulation and we would like to help fintech startups navigate within the regulatory framework and to develop their business models”, he says.

The driving forces behind Copenhagen FinTech and Copenhagen FinTech Lab are the Financial Services Union, Copenhagen Municipality and Finans Danmark. The seven legal firms participating in ‘Law Connect’ consists of Bruun Hjejle, Bird & Bird, Camphausen│Co, Horten, Kromann Reumert, Kammeradvokaten, and Plesner.