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How do you know if your fintech idea is legal? What licenses do you need for your solution? Thinking of selling your fintech and want to know the beginning legal steps? We have lawyers (in plural!) in our network, and whom can and would love to support pro-bono. You can get access to top fintech lawyers for free, and a direct understanding of regulation without all the hassle.

The companies listed are members of Copenhagen Fintech and part of Law Connect, where they provide you support on all things legal.

Should you not be able to book a suitable time/date, please reach out to Nicolette. Selected members offer out of office Connect Hours and meetings can be scheduled as needed.

Upcoming Law sessions in 2023

  • Thursday, 12 January 9-12 CET - Bird&Bird
  • Friday, 27 January 9-12 CET - Camphausen
  • Wednesday, 8 February 9-12 CET - Bruun & Hjejle
  • Monday, 27 February 9-12 CET - Dreistorgaard
  • Wednesday, 15 March 9-12 CET - Plesner

Connect Hours are hosted at Copenhagen Fintech Lab unless otherwise stated. It is possible to schedule the meetings online with the selected laywer and/or audit/advisory member.

Click here to book a time.

Law Connect Members


Bird & Bird

Bird & Bird’s fintech team is highly specialized in all tech related matters (APIs, IT, license and SaaS agreements, AI, blockchain, IoT) and financial regulation especially on the PSD2 side.

Bruun & Hjejle

Bruun & Hjejle

Ulrik is Attorney at Bruun & Hjejle, where he particularly advises on transactions in banking and finance, M & A and capital markets.

Camphausen Co logo blaa 300ppi.png

Camphausen|Co Law Firm

Camphausen|Co is highly experienced in fintech regulation and financial regulation, including license and compliance matters and representation before the Danish FSA.



We are a full service law firm, giving legal advice to companies and individuals.



With extensive experience in finance and financial regulation (including fintech), my focus is on delivering commercially viable solutions to legal challenges

Kromann Reumert

Kromann Reumert

Kromann Reumert has a team of specialist advisors committed to helping Fintech start-ups navigate the regulatory landscape.

Loeven Law.png

Loeven Law

Loeven is a Danish law firm established by attorneys with experience from the largest Danish and international law firms.

Magnusson logo.png

Magnusson Law

We advise start-ups on all aspects of their business, from incorporation and onboarding of employees and founders, funding, IPR protection, legal challenges in connection with internationalization, regulatory (banking law etc.) various commercial agreements, challenges, exit preparation.



Please stop by for a chat or give us a call. We would love to share our legal knowledge and experience with passionate entrepreneurs.


Lawyers are subject to mandatory rules designed, among others, to prevent conflicts of interest. These rules require a lawyer to check that there is no conflict of interest before advising a potential client. The real-time nature of Law Connect’s guidance means that it is not possible for the lawyers involved to check against conflicts of interest before answering the questions asked.

Therefore, while the guidance is targeted at providing answers to legal questions of a general nature where no counterparty is involved (such as “is this a regulated activity?”, “am I allowed to process personal data in this manner?” or “are these customers eligible for simplified customer due diligence?”), it is not suitable for e.g. contract reviews or other advice implicating the interests of other parties.