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The lab is not only a co-working place for fintech entrepreneurs. It is the meeting point of our community and the biggest center of Nordic Fintech. Having had more than 120 fintech startups working out of the lab since we started, we have become the best springboard to accelerate your fintech startup whether you’re looking for advice, investment or partnerships.

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Success stories

hiveonline & CARE: How to combine Fintech with Impact?

Likvido: How can a startup develop new ideas from past challenges?

Nordic API Gateway: How does the Nordic API Gateway transform the financial industry?

Pie Systems: Why would a startup from Silicon Valley decide to launch in Denmark?

Copenhagen fintech lab residents


Flexible, Private and Transparent Speech Recognition.


AQRisk provide data and data science driven value-creation related to core and niche analytical banking operations. Our fintech solutions contribute with stronger business decision-making, automation, better utilization of resources, higher profitability and a sharpened competitive edge. In short - we fuel running smarter businesses.


Focused on delivering a stable secure and groundbreaking mobile payment solution, with multi-asset integration and a range of integration tools, for both private customers and businesses.


Speed and precision for investigation, data privacy and cyber security. Avian is the premiere service and integration partner of Nuix technology in the Nordics


Boovot is an independent advisory platform, helping the users achieve a comprehensive view of their financial life, while ensuring independent and unbiased advices


Secure your end-users from getting hacked while using your web services, as we have done with more than 54 billion critical web sessions. Our Gartner recognized, Ultra-low impact end-user security, offers the ultimate protection against Trojans, Man-in-the-Middle and Man-in-the-Browser attacks.


A powerful analytics solution built by professionals to bring transparency to your costs.

Cover Genius

Cover Genius is the insurtech for embedded insurance that protects the global customers of the world’s largest digital companies –including Booking Holdings, Intuit, Ryanair, Descartes ShipRush, Skyscanner, Ola and AXS – and it’s available at Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, Shopee, Wayfair and – via XCover Go – many smaller stores.

Fellow Pay

Making business finance suck less. Fellow Pay is built for the SME. So they can get access to funding at a fair price, within minutes. If their customer is creditworthy, Fellow Pay can finance them.


Helps companies, accountants, banks, and developers to make financial data more simple by providing a platform that links financial services with real time credit rating and benchmark data


Debbie is a debt collection system that offers behavioral communication and streamlined processes to high-volume collection companies.


DoLand helps people put their money where their heart is.

A digital platform for 360 ° financial advice - Because with overview comes profits - and that makes wishes and dreams realistic.

Engagement International

Supports banks, pension funds and other institutional investors to act as active owners and responsible investors


The boutique leadership development firm


Integrates directly with your accounting system, and makes it easy for your customers to pay invoices with all available payment solutions


Easily manage your budgets. Forecast your P&L, hire plan, cashflow and KPIs. Create scenarios that are always linked to your main budget and up to date. Connect to your business applications and compare budget to actuals. All in just a few clicks


Grandhood is a 100% digital, flexible and completely voluntary company pension tailored to the specific needs of today's SME.


At Hemonto, they are independent of financial institutions. With their objective consolidated reporting, they provide their clients with a true and fair foundation for their financial evaluations and decisions.”

Hera & Me

Aiming to support women in becoming financially equal and take control of their financial future. Maximizing opportunities for women to build their economic security will benefit their families, communities, and the global economy.


We are an insurance technology company that provides people-first insurance services that are simple to understand – easy to use, reasonably priced, honest and relevant. We are constantly looking for new, smarter ways to eliminate inefficiencies such as time-consuming procedures, unnecessary insurance agents, small print items.


Januar is a compliant gateway to the new digital economy for crypto businesses and institutional investors. We provide account and payment solutions to help you run your business with peace of mind.


kaunt™ facilitates the automation of invoice handling and fraud detection through advanced use of AI to handle significant amounts of invoices, faster and smarter than humanly possible. We believe in data - because data has better ideas!

LAB Group

Brandable financial services customer on-boarding platform provided as a SaaS solution across over 100 financial services product providers. The platform allows straight through account setup into industry banking and customer relationship management systems and deals with all the challenges of on-boarding such as KYC/KYB, disclosures, electronic signing and identity.


Online marketplace for loans where privates and organisations can lend directly to small Danish companies.


Enabling financial professionals with an end-to-end workflow for analysis, visualization and presentation.

LVS Brokers

AI-based brokering - connecting banks, lenders & insurers to consumers.


MyChargeBack is an expert in complex card-not-present transaction disputes and has recovered millions of dollars for consumers worldwide


With NewBanking you can manage and share your identity with companies you trust.


NORD.Investments is a datadriven digital investment service for the long term investor.


First agency in the Nordic region to deliver strategic advisory and communications services 100% focused on fintech.


Pensure provides digital services to solve customer and advisory needs in the pension space. By utilising data, behavioural science and engaging UI design, the customer experience is transformed into an intuitive and exhilarating experience while freeing up time for the advisors.


Providing independent financial institutions with tools to optimize client experience.


Picadon rethinks rental deposits and turns them into a greener future for everyone. We help tenants to invest their deposits in sustainable businesses, thereby enabling them to earn a return while having a positive impact.


Plata is a sharing economy platform for private consumers, where debt can be refinanced peer2peer with private investors free liquidity at a fixed rate of 8% annually.


Pluto is democratizing investments by making it cheap and easy for Scandinavians to buy stocks

Buy, trade and invest across all of your favourite blockchains from a single layer 2 wallet. Access hundreds of tokens effortlessly, and save gas on every single transaction.

Tax Helper

Our hope is that by creating Tax Helper, we offer people a tool that'll help them take back control of their taxes.


Veriply is an AI-powered bookkeeping assistant that helps companies quickly discover, investigate, and prevent errors and fraud in real-time.


Idea management software that helps organizations crowdsource meaningful outcomes, by engaging workforces, partners, start-up communities, customers or even the world.

Copenhagen fintech lab alumni

AI Alpha Lab

AI Alpha Lab is providing AI-driven investment solutions rooted in a deep understanding of the underlying return drivers of financial markets.


AlgoStrata is a B2B FinTech startup based in Copenhagen which develops revolutionary software for asset allocation.


Digital identity and authentication platform that allows anyone to verify their identity instantly and then use their digital biometric passport on any website to prove that they are who they say they are.


BACKED is a decentralized, tokenized Investment fund helping Scale-ups with funding and investors with investing in optimal mixes between private equity and digital assets.

Beneath Systems

Providing the fundamental data needed to understand the crypto economy. Building analytical models to answer complex questions about adoption, usage, fraud, and more.


Solution for paying single and recurrent invoices with full flexibility to change bank account and payment cards when desired.


BetterWealth delivers an honest, transparent and truly professional investment solution - with new technology in cloud computing, risk management, and machine learning


BizBot helps entrepreneurs and investors get an overview of shares and convertible notes, enabling effective management on an easy to use and connected platform.


Product Deliveries, IT Consulting, Project management consulting, Business consulting, Outsourcing


Developing sustainable, resilient and inclusive digital infrastructures


blockimmo is a blockchain-powered startup on the verge of becoming the go-to-marketplace for real estate tokenization. Our regulatory-compliant ecosystem enables fractional property investments and ownership.

We give individuals who work outside 9-5 an account, a payment card, and a billing tool. We help them understand and exploit digital opportunities in the new universal gig economy.

brainbot technologies

brainbot technologies is a Blockchain Development Studio. We are creating the core building blocks that enable the broad adoption of public blockchains with a focus on Ethereum.

BTCS Technologies Aps

We empower our clients through pioneering crypto-financial services. For over 6 years.

Carbon War Room

Global nonprofit, founded by Sir Richard Branson and a team of like-minded entrepreneurs, that accelerates the adoption of business solutions that reduce carbon emissions.


Chainalysis offers cryptocurrency investigation and compliance solutions to global law enforcement agencies, regulators, and businesses as they work together to fight illicit cryptocurrency activity.


A secure tool that takes care of AML obligations.

Clockwork Trading

The only place to buy and sell stocks directly with cryptocurrencies. Clockwork Trading is unifying the traditional financial asset markets and the new digital asset market into one ESMA regulated trading platform.

Cocoa Invest

Halal and ethical investment solutions to help people reach their long-term financial goals. Intelligent and beautiful, set up your account in ten minutes. Designed for your smartphone.


The open platform for global investment opportunities

Contract Technology

We add legal weight and legitimacy to software and smart contracts. Our solution is a software compiler that understands natural language and writes a corresponding software contract.

Deon Digital

Cutting-edge technology empowering collaborative, agile, and cost-efficient business applications built around a domain-specific modeling language.


e-Money is the leading issuer of interest-bearing, currency-backed tokens on blockchain. Our technology facilitates sub-second payments on a global scale, settled immediately.


Our digital solution is delivered to organizations and companies where the customer gets easy access and an overview of their insurance through our Enzuranz App.


Empowers children and their families with essential lifelong skills - The ERNIT app makes digital money visual, tangible and fun. And it's the world’s first kids friendly app connected to real bank accounts.


Finansa has developed a simple and innovative solution that makes it easy for everyone to: get a personal budget and access impartial financial advice for your life situation. We make it easy to make the best financial decisions.

Finklusiv Denmark

Finklusiv Danmark has set out to develop the first formal inclusive financial solution for under-represented micro-business owners in Denmark.


Finuprise helps people make smart investments into public stock and funds with social and environmental causes.


Firmo creates derivatives on blockchain technology. With our novel programming language, chorus, we compile 'smart derivatives' to EVM and other native bytecode formats.

Full Reach

Full Reach is a Fintech-focused strategic and creative marketing agency based in London and Copenhagen, with a full creative agency in central Europe.

Funds Tower

Funds Tower works with data-driven investment modelling. Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. Through a unique integration of quantitative research, Funds Tower offer a scalable solution to both institutional and private investors within active investment strategies and risk management. It is a tool to unrestricted investments for long term wealth management.

Gamers Coin

Gamer´s Coin started from an idea sprung from Steffen´s head because he is a gamer and thought why cant you play for money in normal games? Why cant you settle the battle between gamers with a price pool like in other games?

Hello Flow

Hello Flow gives companies the opportunity to create a fully digital client onboarding process in minutes, without writing any code.


Hiveonline helps small business grow by giving them opportunities to increase their market and improve their access to financial services.


More business, less banking. Hufsy enables small businesses to do their day-to-day banking and financials in a simple and understandable way.


The IMPACTR APP makes action on sustainability easy and accessible for everyone. Simply "slide to impact" to get instant access to actions you can take that are relevant to the things you care about. Organizations and brands working with sustainable development can run expert backed campaigns to get supporters, customers, funding and reach an audience of sustainability-conscious individuals who want to make their actions count.

Impact X

For investors, accelerators, and corporates that would like to assess business opportunities of sustainable solutions on a multi bottom line.


Programmering af webbaserede applikationer, installation og vedligeholdelse af workstations og servere og support af eksisterende løsninger.


Get a Treasury Management System - infiniance will assist with: Design, implementation, test and go-live processes with a completion period of three months.


A simple tool for self-evaluation of insurance offers. Evaluate insurance that suits you best. Choose the highest value at the right price.

Invest Suite

We provide automated investment solutions to help financial institutions retain their clients by addressing their rapidly-evolving digital needs and defend their market positions against nimble B2C fintech disruptors.

Making loans available to people at the bottom of the pyramid - We are creating a platform that builds on local social structures and can be accessed by anyone, even if they do not have an ID or a phone.


jenID Solutions is a provider of flexible software solutions that enable our customers to perform fully automated, fast and reliable checks of government-issued ID's. This includes passports, national IDs and driver's licenses. Furthermore, our accurate Face Matching technology (including Liveness Detection) ensures that the ID being verified really does belong to the person presenting it.


På deler vi arbejdskraft med hinanden. Som arbejdsgiver slipper du for at hyre eller fyre ved spidsbelastninger eller ordrenedgang.


Kameo operates a digital marketplace for crowdfunded loans to small businesses and property developers.


Kontolink er en app, som hjælper dig og din virksomhed med at holde styr på bilag og indbetalinger, så I får mere tid, undgår fejl og slipper for frustrationer over manglende bilag.


Kunikum offers financial products on the blockchain and makes it easy to trade stocks with cryptocurrency.


Legacy is a digital platform that enables Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to become more robust and profitable by identifying and implementing high-yield sustainability initiatives.


LendMe er din uafhængige platform, der kæmper for fuld gennemsigtighed på det danske lånemarked. Det har alle nemlig ret til.

LET Regulering

LETregulering er en platform, der indeholder danske og EU-regler om reguleringen af finansiel virksomhed samt regler i tilknytning til den finansielle sektor.


Fakturer, registrer, bogfør og følg op på betalinger - 100% automatisk. Opret en gratis konto og slip for tastearbejde, få hurtigere betaling og effektiv opfølgning.


Our mission at Lokalist is to ensure more sustainable use of the millions of electronics that get produced every year by making it easy and profitable to upcycle your used electronics.


Founded in 2019, Lotusdew is a pioneer in offering global investment asset allocation and investment solutions from India. Lotusdew is a SEBI registered investment advisor. We distribute model portfolios, asset allocation, and financial planning advice in India and global markets where we are allowed to.


Manigo is one platform, one log-in, for everything you need around money. It is the world's first digital money ecosystem connecting consumers, businesses, and merchants.

MAP Group

Our core aim in MAP Group is to prevent fraud in the 1. line of defence. Technology combined with our expertise in fraud prevention, we provide a SaaS solution implemented in the onboarding process that can detect, document and hinder fraud in the financial sector.


A FinTech startup based in Copenhagen. We offer an alternative to your pension. Our core principle is that retirement savings should be invested to promote a stronger planet and society.


Our mission is simple and straightforward. We want to rework B2B payments – and really make it work.


We provide the leading digital wallet experience. We help financial institutions become relevant in their customer's everyday life by offering the next generation digital wallet for people on the go.


The Moneyflow platform facilitates flexible and instantaneous business loans and investments, through advanced analytics saying yes to more good businesses where others say no.

NOR Associates

The first Nordic consultancy firm to focus exclusively on bespoke software development and technological innovation in financial services.

Norden CEF

Ny kapital til vækst - børsnotering: Med en børsnotering vil du have mulighed for at tilføre din virksomhed billig og risikovillig kapital.

Nordic Token Alliance (NTA)

Nordic Token Alliance (NTA) wants to establish an international standard for due diligence of blockchain cased projects and companies.


We are a next-generation investment manager. Our goal is to leverage the best that technology and new thinking has to offer to become a trusted partner to our investors.


NPinvestor er en dansk broker, der tilbyder den revolutionerende investeringsform Copy Trading.


Fully automated accounting as a service - We will replace your accountant, accounting system and all the integrations that come along with one software solution for SMEs.


Lokalfinansierede energi- og klimarenoveringer via crowdlending


Aims to become a leading provider of intelligent quantitative investment services. OQAM focus on transparent, simple, performance- and cost efficient investment services.


PayCore provides innovative end-to-end payment solutions for financial institutions, processors, telecom operators, personalization bureaus, retailers, terminal/card vendors, and last but not least public transportation authorities.


Paytack offers complete productivity & security-enhancing check-in solutions powered by face recognition technologies. Our mission is to enable a smart, frictionless facial biometric identity.

Pie Systems

Solutions for the modern traveler: Today, VAT refunds are complicated, expensive, and not worth it. See what we’re cooking up…

PII Guard

PII Guard provides the complete solution for encrypting and protecting PII and other sensitive information, and for generating high-quality test data.


PLX AI offers financial news feeds powered by artificial intelligence. We use machine learning and natural language processing to automatically extract and deliver market-moving news.

Price Insight

Our mission is to provide AI-generated financial media to daily traders, through an addictive mobile app including easy access to trading functionality.

Puut Wallet

All-In-One digital wallet platform - Receive, store and use your cards, tickets, money, receipts, and invoices the world over with Puut Wallet.

Il sistema innovativo, facile e veloce per creare visite virtuali delle proprietà immobiliari.

Rent Rely

Optimer din egen eller din virksomheds tid og ressourcer og underskriv dine aftaler digitalt.


Swap your own home for a new one. Our unique SwapMatch algorithm will ensure that you are only presented with properties where mutual wishes are fulfilled.


The Sikker Safe is a highly engineered physical safe that contains a computer that works in combination with multiple sensors that are connected to the most advanced security systems ever devised.


Simplifai provides AI that understands and analyzes free-text in the form of chat, email, or documents. This allows companies to automate processes that include large amounts of data - including customer service, case management, or invoice management.


We predict the value and risks in properties using data and AI. On both residential and commercial real estate.


Smallbrooks is a Danish IT-company specializing in the building of crowdfunding platforms. A Smallbrooks crowdfunding platform can, of course, be adapted to fit your organization’s needs.


Solstroem, offers an end-to-end system for automatically generating, issuing, selling, and retiring traceable carbon offsets in real-time. The system makes carbon markets available to small decentralized solar installations in developing countries, and allows for fully automated, and traceable offsetting through plug-ins for Building Automation, Transport and Mobility, and Payment Solutions.


Spiir is the app you need if you want total control over your money. It puts you firmly in the driver's seat of your personal finances in an entertaining and educational way which changes your behavior permanently.

Sprinting Software

Sprinting Software delivers and develops advanced software solutions. Among our happy customers are industry leaders like føtex, Bilka, Netto, Carl's Jr., and Scanbur.


A combination of software development skills and a commercial understanding of system architecture make Straticator the revolutionizing multi-asset trading platform.


Take control of your subscriptions. We give you an overview of your subscriptions, letting you cancel subscriptions with just one click and notifying you when there are changes to your subscriptions.

Sseguku Microfinance

A micro-finance startup that provides microloans to small entrepreneurs in Africa, primarily Uganda.

Sustainable Digital Finance Alliance

SDFA was launched to address the potential for fintech-powered business innovations to reshape the financial system in ways that better align it with the needs of sustainable development.


Swiipe is an open platform, with a one-click checkout flow that makes it easy and quick for the customers to complete their purchases online. Our goal is to create the best shopping experience.


Simple and secure digital signatures

The Many

Brickshare is an award-winning property investment platform that allows you to build your own property portfolio. Choose your investments & receive rental returns & share in any profit.

The Tokenizer

The Tokenizer is the go-to media platform for the latest news and research related to the tokenization of real-world assets and the blockchain economy in Europe, the US and Asia.


Tink is the best way to connect to banks across Europe and quickly build smart, personalised and delightful financial services. Start building with Tink’s APIs for free.


Warranty management system that helps digital retail banks give their userbase an empowering user experience, all while opening the door to future business models for the bank.


Get your very own trading robots! They’ll monitor the markets and open and close trades for you according to predefined indicators. Build the bots from scratch or clone one of our templates. No coding skills required.


Successful companies build upon a robust and resilient engine of subscription management. They automate the connected experience allowing resources to refocus on growth and scalability.

Valiat Technologies

Valiat is a layered application running on the Ethereum blockchain, the platforms’ use of smart contracts enables secure derivatives trading.

Velstand Capital

Velstand Capital distributes investment funds managed by Danish asset managers. Investment funds are distributed exclusively to professionals.


Visigon is an independent capital markets consulting firm with market-leading knowledge of Calypso in the Nordic countries. | WMC ApS

WeMoveCoins seeks to lower the entry barriers for consumers when entering the world of digital economy.

White Swan

Become your own bank through a platform for using permanent life insurance as an investment vehicle. This involves guaranteed growth, generous dividends, and no taxes.


Yostocks aims to democratize stock markets. We are a mobile-based financial services company, committed to improving accessibility to investments by breaking down entry barriers.


Yourpay er en fintech-virksomhed, der gør betaling simpel, transparent og fordelagtigt for webshops og fysiske butikker.


ZTLment helps SMEs improve margins on cross-border trade via blockchain.