Mentor Program


The Copenhagen Fintech Mentor Program is an ambitious initiative targeted and tailored towards Copenhagen Fintech members. Each mentor is carefully chosen on the basis of their experience, knowledge and personality, to complement you perfectly in order to create the best results.

The program is built upon several years of experience from MIT & DTU Skylab within mentor programs and deviates by following a regular meeting format where you will receive mentoring from 3-4 mentors at a time.

Every mentor session is a small acceleration of your start-ups development. This ensures that you will get a 360 degree look upon your situation, enabling you to be fast and efficient in regard to taking the best decision in terms of the growth of your business.

What we offer:

  • Accelerate your start-up to achieve world domination
  • Expand your knowledge and explore business opportunities
  • 50+ mentors connected to the program
  • 10+ companies gone through the program the 1 year
How to participate

Terms of participation

It’s important that the founder is able to attend all 6 meetings, every 5th week for a 6 month period. Please note that all mentor meetings are either in the morning (8.30) or in the afternoon (15.30) and happen in the lab.

After submitting your application, you will be invited for a screening meeting. It is possible to apply twice a year.

Price: only active members of Copenhagen Fintech can apply for participation in the program

For any enquiries please contact Andrei Anghel or Barbara Švigová

Applications open for mentoring starting in April 2023.

Mentee Testimonials

lendmelogo kopi2.png


“The mentor program was super valuable for us to address interpersonal founder relations. It is an easy way of getting vetted professionals on a mentor board that would otherwise be tough to find and attract.” Frederik, Founder & CEO



“I can’t imagine where else you get access to such a wide range of experienced people, willing to spend time understanding our business and who are really excited about our progress.” Sofie, Founder & CEO



”No matter what direction your startups goes in or what challenges you are facing, your mentors can guide you along the way.” Esben, Founder & CEO


"As a fast-paced startup, it can be difficult to take time out for reflection and debate on strategy and execution – but its healthy. The Mentor Program provides an opportunity for competent, confidential sparring. Due to the duration of the program, your mentors will get to know your business in-depth which fosters valuable conversations."

ai alpha_small.png

AI Alpha Lab

"The Mentor Program heightened our understanding of how our story is received by potential clients and what we need to improve to make the reception better. Plus, we gained valuable insights regarding one of our client segments. The insights would have taken us quite some time and effort to acquire by ourselves and most importantly it would have meant a number of missed selling opportunities as we would not have been relevant for the client segment until we gained that knowledge." Morten, COO & Co-founder



"The Mentor Program has been a great journey for me as a founder, and as a result has had some major impacts on the business as a whole. Being part of the Mentor Program means that you regularly face experienced people outside your business-context, who ask critical questions about your decisions. This forces you to think critically, reflect, and hone your decision making skills going forward." Martin, CEO & Founder



"Other startups joining the mentor program should expect very skilled mentors with experience, trying their best to just help you." Martin, CEO & Founder

pensure logo.jpg


"There was a really good fit between Pensure's operational stage and the competencies of the mentors. They were able to open a lot of doors and gave good and rational feedback on our company." Frederik, Co-CEO & Founder



"The mentor program covered different important parts of our business and gave us great tools and insights in areas such as pricing, funding, strategy and communication. Really a great program all in all." Nicolai, CFO



"The mentor program gave a much needed outside perspective on our long journey towards launch. Being stuck in an existing mindset of getting to market and business model, the mentors voiced their perspectives resulting in thoughtful discussions that moved the needle." Jacob, Co-founder & CEO



"It allows to dedicate time and resources to more strategic work and go in helicopter view, which is often lacking in start-ups - busy with the day-to-day. The mentorship program provides a base for sparring with experienced and international professionals with deep and broad experience." Morten, CEO & Founder

Meet our mentors

Amit Desa

Anette Vainer

Anette Nørgaard

Anja Elkær

Attila Saday

Barbara Taudorf Andersen

Betty Yan Liu

Bo Boisen

Casper Claudius Gregersen

Chris Crespo

Christina Bustrup

Chris Eichhorn

Cecilie Willer

Claus Nielsen

Claus Bjerre

Dan Jensen

Daniel Vittrup

Ellinor Glesner

Frederik Gjessing Vinten

Frederik Scholten

Helle Nielsen-Elgaard

Henrik Axelsen

Henrik Hjortshøj-Nielsen

Henrik Kjems

Ina Rosen

Jacob Høeg Madsen

Jane Lauridsen

Jacob Hvam

Jacob Lachmann

Jakob Wedel

Jenny Karlsson

Jeppe Winther

Jeppe Juul-Andersen

Jesper Nielsen

Jesper Nyvold Larsen

Jesper Ulsøe

Johan Lorenzen

Jonas Rasmussen

Karen Drescher

Kathrine Stampe

Kate Stallard

Keld Zorning

Kjersti Lund

Kwadwo Swiatecki Adu

Lars Albert Thomsen

Louise Jørring Gev

Martin Tillisch

Maria Hjorth

Mette Thorgaard

Michael Cottle

Morten Handsdal

Morten Kierkegaard

Morten Remmer

Morten Bigum

Morten Kiemer

Natasha Friis Saxberg

Niclas Steuch

Nils Hilbard

Nina Christensen

Nina Riisgaard Lauritsen

Pelle Nielsen

Peter Sevel

Per Møller Jensen

Per Qvist-Sørensen

Puk Falkenberg

Rina Asmussen

Sally Kallash

Signe Thustrup Kreiner

Simon Engelbrecht

Søren Rask Nymark

Susan Kaae

Susanne Brønnum

Thorben Sander

Troels Bulow-Olsen

Thomas Boel Sigurdsson

Thomas Sugar

Ulrik Falkner Thagesen

Ulrik Lehrskov-Schmidt

Alumni startups

ava logo.png

AVA Fintech

Freddy, Ali and Morten joined as former colleagues into a this new startup which they called AVA Fintech.


We give individuals who work outside 9-5 an account, a payment card, and a billing tool. We help them understand and exploit digital opportunities in the new universal gig economy.



Making business finance suck less. Creditstretcher is built for the SME. So they can get access to funding at a fair price, within minutes. If their customer is creditworthy, creditstretcher can finance them.



Plata is a peer-to-peer lending platform which makes it easy, credible and minimizes risk to loan and lend peer-to-peer.



Lendme is Denmark’s first loan broker. More than 10.000 Danes have already taken the advantage of Lendme’s unique and 100% free service.



Swiipe introduces real one-click-buy on every site small as well as big. Swiipe holds subscriptions and ensures easy onboarding of customers in the subscription industry.



Put your children’s financial future in their hands



Helps people make a difference while their savings grow on a digital investment platform.



Our solution consists of a modular, customizable decision engine called Score Engine, that retrieves data used for building accurate scoring models that support the right credit decisions.



Get Mobile Payment for your Laundry Machines. Simple, reliable and cost effective.



More business, less banking. We are building a bank account for startups and entrepreneurs, believing in great systems, simplicity and synergies.

PII Guard.png

PII Guard

PII Guard provides the complete solution for encrypting and protecting PII and other sensitive information, and for generating high-quality test data.



Spiir is a digital money companion who empowers users’ way of life by building good money habits.



Smallbrooks is a sub-brand of Lendino, a crowdfunding and IT company based in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Hive online

hiveonline is the financial trust platform for small businesses launching Q3 2018, providing frictionless financial administration and an incorruptible trust network, building confidence.



Loans and stable savings without requiring identification


CLA Reply

A secure tool that takes care of AML obligations.



Calcabis has its origins in the Fin- and RegTech environment in Copenhagen and consist of a highly experienced team.


New Banking

NewBanking is a Danish RegTech company that owns, develops and operates an identity platform for personal data management.