Stage Specific Programs

Incubation program

No bullshit & all co-creation!

We run 3-month incubation programs targeted at early stage fintech startups with audacious ambitions. It will never be easy to build a new company, but it doesn't hurt to do it alongside other entrepreneurs on the same journey and emerged in a community eager to help with every aspect of your business. The first two weeks of the program is a sprint (workshops mon, wed, fri both weeks), where we get a 360 view of your company, onboard you into the community, and do workshops on key topics with experts from our network including investors, professional venture builders and experienced founders. The remainder of the program we design together.

We offer our selected teams:

  • Advice: Customized strategy and business development support through sprints
  • Space: Free office space at Copenhagen Fintech Lab with benefits access to connect programs
  • Connections: Matchmaking with corporates, investors, advisors and startups

Program Partners:

Partners for 2020 Fall cohort include alumni founders and Vækstfonden, Finstart Nordic, BeforeWeDieand Morph Capital. Partners for 2021 Fall cohort will be announced shortly.

How to participate

Theme: Startups within financial services

Place: Copenhagen Fintech Lab – Applebys Plads 7 1411 CPH K

Target Group: Ambitious entrepreneurs ready to fully pursue their idea full-time, ideally with a prototype/MVP ready to bring to market, and for 2021 Fall we are also seeking university-born ventures or researchers looking to commercialize their tech within financial services.

Price: Free participation, no equity & 100% focus required



Alumni startups

ai alpha.png

AI Alpha Lab

Through an AI filter based on a generalized Bayesian deep learning neural network AI Alpha Lab offers a product that gives portfolio managers a better investment universe as a starting point for their investment process.



Kourosh and Emil joined the program with an impressive expertise in their field, as a professor and graduated student of DTU.

ava logo.png

AVA Fintech

Freddy, Ali and Morten joined as former colleagues into a this new startup which they called AVA Fintech.


Beneath Crypto

Beneath Crypto is founded on a mission to provide facts and sober insights about value and risks in the decentralised economy.

Betaling Danmark_logo.png


A Copenhagen-based services for paying single and recurrent invoices. Every time an invoice is settled, we donate for climate, charity, and a sustainable local society.

Carbon Countable.png

Carbon Countable

A Copenhagen-based company providing a ready to use platform for SMEs to analyse supply chain carbon emissions and make data-driven decisions on their reduction.


Clareply| is an easy to use platform for onboarding new clients in a compliant way – starting with their beachhead market of law firms.


Clockwork Trading

Clockwork makes trading and investing inclusive for everyone to have a chance at growing their prosperity through both crypto- and regular financial assets.

Contract Technologies - LOGO1.png

Contract Technologies

We add legal weight and legitimacy to software and contracts, which will truly enable the digitization of business processes.


The DreamPlan advisory solution informs the user about their financial situation at present based on their actual financial data.

finklusiv logo.png

Finklusiv Danmark

Finklusiv Danmark is a social enterprise that has set out to develop the first formal inclusive financial solution for under-represented micro business owners in Denmark.

finuprise logo high resolution.png


Finuprise helps people make smart investments into public stock and funds with social and environmental causes.

Gamers Coin

Gamers Coin

Gamer´s Coin started from an idea sprung from Steffen´s head because he is a gamer and thought why cant you play for money in normal games? Why cant you settle the battle between gamers with a price pool like in other games?


Hello Flow

Hello Flow gives companies the opportunity to create a fully digital client onboarding process in minutes, without writing any code.



A Copenhagen-based company building the world´s most trusted social action platform, that will make sustainability action accessible for everyone. We are connecting everyday people with the most sustainable solutions and the most impactful actions they can take towards a sustainable future and an empowered life for all.



JamiiPay works within financial inclusion and will bring a solution to unbanked communities, starting in Ethiopia.



Januar aims to be the Bitcoin Gate for Institutional Investors and Bitcoin Businesses. We provide easy, compliant and secure access to crypto markets through our Bitcoin Treasury and Bitcoin Banking solutions.



Kunikum offers financial products on the blockchain and makes it easy to trade stocks with cryptocurrency.



Legacy is a digital platform that enables Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to become more robust and profitable by identifying and implementing high-yield sustainability initiatives.



Likvido built a great product, got investment, ran collection, created several strategic partnerships, started pilot projects with large customers.



Lokalist aims to fix everything that’s wrong with selling and buying used goods & have a unique approach to solving the pricing and issue.

MAP Group 2

MAP Group

Letting banks fight fraud through collaboration.



This team joined as a startup team from Nordea, pursuing an idea originally conceived through an internal hackathon.


Orangebooks is a new generation of accounting systems that provides fully automated accounting as a service.



Jens came from a background working with SDGs and financing with the UN on behalf of the Danish Government in New York.

Performativ 2


Providing independent financial institutions with tools to optimize client experience.



Plata is a peer-to-peer lending platform which makes it easy, credible and minimizes risk to loan and lend peer-to-peer.



PLX AI offers financial news feeds powered by artificial intelligence.



With Rumly, your next property adventure is only a few clicks away. Rumly makes it easier for someone who already has a home, to swap this for a new one.

Solstroem_logo_sort_high_resolution .png


A Copenhagen-based software and IoT company that brings transparency and real-time automation to the CO2 market, while allowing small-scale decentralized solar installations in developing countries to monetize their emissions reductions.

White swan logo.jpg

White Swan

White Swan works as a wealth management platform through life insurance



YoStocks joined the program through a hackathon with the ambition to address the fact that majority of millennial do not invest.

ZTLment logo 3.0 (002).png


ZTLment helps SMEs improve margins on cross-border trade via blockchain.