Stage Specific Programs

Nordic Fast Track Program

The fastest path to validating local product-market fit

We run an ongoing 2-month program for non-Danish fintech startups who are either live with a product or have a working prototype to help bring their solution into the Danish, Nordic or European market using Copenhagen as a gateway. The purpose is to accelerate your learning of the local market and a process and connections for you to quickly find your local product-market fit. Copenhagen is a global fintech hub, and the fintech lab is not only the gathering point of the Nordic fintech scene but has incubated more than 120 of the local fintech startups.

What we offer:

  • Space: Free office space at Copenhagen Fintech Lab for 2 months with included benefits
  • Advice: Individual business development work sessions on how to best localize your offering
  • Connections: We connect you to the right corporates, data providers, entrepreneurs, advisors and investors

"CPH Fintech Lab can definitely help in a big way"

"Getting into Nordic Fast Track has lead me to my first institutional client potential with one of the top Investment Banks. Copenhagen Fintech Lab arranged meetings with every stakeholder that was relevant for my business that ultimately led to me getting traction and mentors in Europe – especially Denmark. These were people I don’t think I would have had a chance if they were not introduced to me by the lab.

The Lab is resourceful and enthusiastic to support emerging business. They also provided trainings, context and sensitivities on how to approach Danish ecosystem. So if you want to grow your business in Europe or grow up as an entrepreneur – Copenhagen Fintech Lab can definitely help in a big way."

How to participate

Starting time: Ongoing

Place: Copenhagen Fintech Lab

Target group: Non-Danish fintech startups

Price: Free participation, but require dedication and on-site presence

Alumni startups

Скриншот 2019-11-07

Pie Systems

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