Successful fintech attraction campaign

The numbers are in from the fintech talent attraction campaign co-run by Copenhagen Capacity, Greater Copenhagen and Copenhagen FinTech from February – April 2017. The verdict: nothing less than a huge success. The campaign ads were viewed almost 20 million times, 175.481 unique visitors entered the campaign site, 1.448 applications were delivered to open positions at various Danish fintech startups, and more than a 100 qualified candidates proceeded to the interview process. The first global talent have already been hired at Danish fintech companies participating in the campaign.

Page visitors and applicants represented all parts of the world and the campaign served to spread the message of a growing fintech sector in Denmark, and put Copenhagen on the map of global fintech hubs. Furthermore, the large interest is a testament to the growing activity surrounding fintech in Denmark, and the candidates are going to fill a much needed skill-gap in key areas.

Do you want to be a part of the next campaign and get a hold of the best foreign fintech talent please contact: Simon: [email protected]