Ina Rosen

Ina is the Executive Director in communications company Operate with responsibility of digital, design and campaigns.

Ina has been a digital advisor since 2002 with a Ph.D. in Sociology of Religion from Lund University.

“I am deeply passionate about technology, but especially in terms of utilising technology to create valuable solutions for users throughout the whole value chain. Fintech is known for its vast amount of innovation. It is at the same time a vital industry to society and to the private citizen. The financial sector’s crucial role for societal stability is probably one of the most heavy weighing reasons that the sector has been relatively behind in terms of change.

But in recent years a living and entrepreneurial layer that rethinks the financial sector on new technological premises has been established.

I look greatly forward to contribute to this development and to meet some of the people who are forming the future of financial services.”