Morten Remmer

Morten has worked within several different parts of the value chains of several different industries during the years of their largest digital transformation. It has given an in-depth understanding of when such transformation creates changes throughout the value chain and what it requires of strategy, change management and execution to get teams, organisations and in some terms whole sectors to embrace and use the new possibilities instead of trying to fight them. Partly through his own start-ups and partly in market leading global companies. In his current position at LEO Innovation Lab, he helps digital health start-ups developing and creating a name for themselves in a global market.

“The technological possibilites created after the PC, internet and smartphone, has fascinated me from the beginning. The potential to create better, more efficient and user-friendly solutions combiend with global competition, where the user is put in the front seat, has given a business development possibility never seen before.

The financial sector has played a crucial role in this development. For instance, the possibility of micro payments through mobile subscriptions created a whole new and radically different market back in the 00’s, in which I had the pleasure of working.

Outside of that, it truly fascinates me that the financial sector, which historically has been one of the first sectors to embrace new technology, may be in the largest transformation ever with the creation of blockchain technology. I am looking forward to get a closer look at this whole spectrum.”