The Danish Government wants to help Fintech entrepreneurs

The second FinTech Lab is opening in Denmark and this time it is at the Danish FSA. The Minister for Business and Industry wants to make it easier for fintech entrepreneurs to establish themselves in Denmark. The new Fintech Lab in the Danish FSA is going to ease the process of navigating the Danish financial regulations for digital entrepreneurs.

The lab in the Danish FSA has a great potential and will evidently make it more attractive for both national and foreign fintech startups to continue their growth-journey in Denmark. Further, it will also speed the accelerating and scaling opportunities in Denmark, giving consumers access to new and innovative financial services. The Government intends to allocate around 5 million kr. annually to the strengthened efforts.

Further, the Danish Government has made claims to make Denmark one of the best entrepreneurial countries in Europe. For this reason, the Minister for Business and Industry has created an “entrepreneurship panel” with the purpose of creating and fostering entrepreneurship and innovation in Denmark. The entrepreneurship panel will help the Danish government shed light on how framework conditions can get better for both entrepreneurs and growth companies in Denmark. The entrepreneurship panel consists of 14 entrepreneurs, investors and experts with representatives from various industries, including fintech.

Read the press releases here (in Danish):

  1. Brian Mikkelsen vil hjælpe FinTech-iværksættere
  2. Regeringen nedsætter iværksætterpanel