Venture Cup Fintech – watch out for the upcoming university fintech startups!

January 24 four savvy fintech startup teams from the Danish Universities battled in the Copenhagen FinTech Lab to win a DKK 20.000 prize and the title as National Venture Cup FinTech Champions. The championship is part of the new partnership between Copenhagen FinTech and Venture Cup, the danish universities entrepreneurial organization. In the coming year the partnership will include a huge focus on fintech in the increasingly popular startup competitions and startup-mentoring sessions at the universities. Hopefully, this will make a lot of new fintech ideas and businesses spring out of the academic world.

The teams battling on the 24th were “High Frequency Trading Deposit” (High Frequancy Trading), “Hallex Exchange Systems” (Blockchain based asset market system), “Questor” (Wallet solution) and “GoBundl (Future Insurance Platform). The highly qualified panel, posed with the hard choice of picking a winner, were constituted by Hans Henrik Hoffmeyer (NETS), Jan Sirich (Nordea), Richard Breiter (Seed Capital), Maria Flyvbjerg (Hufsy) & Thomas Krogh (Copenhagen FinTech)

The winner will be announced at the award show Thursday the 26th of January in Odense and they will be seen having a desk in Copenhagen FinTech Lab very soon.