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Tink was founded in Stockholm 2012 by Daniel Kjellén (CEO) & Fredrik Hedberg (CTO) with the mission of bringing people financial happiness. After five years, 1,834 deploys, several ground-breaking product launches and 500,000 Tink app users later, they are as passionate as ever to improve people’s financial lives. Learn more


Sepior provides threshold cryptography software that enables the developers, service providers, and users of fintech services to transact online with trust. Sepior delivers institutional grade data protection and privacy through a revolutionary new approach for encryption key generation, management, and protection. Learn more


LENEO started with the aim of creating the simplest leasing process possible – so that even the most complicated tasks become easy and intuitive. LENEO enables any type of business to provide leasing services, so that leasing can become even more widespread and accessible in all types of situations across all kinds of markets. Learn more


Asseco has developed a new system that utilizes advanced prediction analysis mechanisms – Asseco Customer Intelligence (ACI). The solution allows to check what customers are looking for on the Internet and what products and services they are interested in. Learn more

New Lab Residents


Moneyflow facilitates flexible and dynamic corporate loans between small and big companies, and entrepreneurs. With advanced microdistribution on their loans they ensure low risk at an attractive price. By doing this they help smaller companies with their short- and long term liquidity in order for them to focus on growth. Learn more


Kontolink is doing one touch accounting directly from your bank. They match and attach appendices automatically from your e-mail account and can be attached through pictures on your phone, enabling you to approve by a single click on your phone. Learn more


Upodi is a subscription management software with a mission to help companies turn their business into a successful subscription business. They believe that a subscription-based business model creates a much better relationship between vendors and customers. Learn more