What is Copenhagen Fintech & Copenhagen Fintech Lab?

Copenhagen Fintech is an organization built on the vision of creating a Danish growth adventure within fintech.

Copenhagen Fintech works to enrich all stakeholders within fintech innovation, bringing the public and private sector together to achieve societal progress. Through our co-working space Copenhagen Fintech Lab, housing up to 50 fintech startups, we leverage our network, develop the community and ensure growth within innovation.

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Newsletter - Week 24

June 18, 2021

Dear Reader,please find our full newsletter of week 24 here and subscribe to get the hottest fintech news bi-weekly!We covered exciting announcements in our personal introduction and in the news section you can read about Copenhagen Fintech Lab alumni Lendme being bought by Norwegian Axo, Nykredit and Valified entering into a green partnership, Nexi and Nets signing merger deed, Copenhagen Fintech Lab resident Mazepay going after the largest companies in the world, and the new debate on lack of fintech talent: How do we ensure the right competencies for a growing sector?.

General Assembly 2021

June 15, 2021

May 25th 2021, Copenhagen Fintech held its yearly General Assembly.At the General Assembly, 3 new members to the Board of Directors were voted by Copenhagen Fintech's members.The elected board members were the same 3 as last year:Frederik Murmann, CEO & Founder, LendMeCharlotte Rønje, CEO & Founder, Jamii.oneStine Jørgensen, CEO & Founder, Dreamplan.ioYou can watch the General Assembly here.And read the minutes here.

Watch our Event on "Future of Money"

June 14, 2021

We already have digital money – trillions move every day, electronically. But are we on the cusp of Digital Money 2.0, a new type of smart and token-based digital money?The ongoing experiments, pilots, and policy work around CBDCs could be equally if not more significant for the world of money. Central banks around the globe are warming up to CBDCs, triggered by Big Tech, and their ambitions to build alternative payment rails to existing card and bank-based payment systems.According to Citi, "The race towards Digital Money 2.0 is on. Some have framed it as a new Space Race or Digital Currency Cold War." - what do you think?In this event, Citi presents their latest report "FUTURE OF MONEY. CBDCs, Crypto and 21st Century Cash" and global payments leader Visa presents their strategy for crypto currencies. Circle presents their new crypto-based payout solution.Watch the full event here.Agenda and Speakers:Welcome - Copenhagen FintechNew Citi GPS report: “The Future of Money” presented by Ronit Ghose, Global Head, Banks Research & Co-Head, FinTech Theme Group, CitiVisa’s new strategy for cryptocurrencies presented by Nikola Plecas, Head of New Payment Flows Practice, VCA Europe and Helene Podsadni Nilsson, Head of Fintechs, Nordics & Baltics, Visa EuropeCircle – Creating a seamless payout experience across borders presented by Joao Reginatto, VP Product at CircleZTLment - Testing B2B payments (part of the Danish FSA's regulatory sandbox) presented by Mads Stolberg-Larsen, Co-founder, ZTLmentPanel discussion on the future of (smart) money.Rikke Staer, CoinifyAnders Laursen, Finance DenmarkJon Hasling Kyed, Danish Financial Supervisory AuthoritySimon Ousager, Januar.ioModerator: Thomas Krogh Jensen, Copenhagen FintechContract-backed digital cash - the official launch of a research paper presented by professor Fritz Henglein, University of CopenhagenWrap-up by Copenhagen Fintech

Newsletter - Week 22

June 3, 2021

Dear Reader,please find our full newsletter of week 22 here and subscribe to get the hottest fintech news bi-weekly!We covered exciting announcements in our personal introduction and in the news section you can read about Copenhagen Fintech Week 2021, our SME:FINTECH project, Danish fintech desperately needing talent, lack of talent threatening to slow down the forward-thinking fintech industry, and the new CrediWire White Paper: Banks as Sparring Partner. 

Become Part of Copenhagen Fintech Magazine 2021

June 2, 2021

Copenhagen Fintech and Business Insights presents the annual Copenhagen Fintech Magazine. Despite the entrance of Covid-19 the Nordic fintech ecosystem stands strong with further maturation including a record year of investments and a tireless effort of advancing digital innovation and sustainable business models cross industries and borders.In 2020 more than 23.000 digital readers from 70+ countries read about the cutting-edge solutions from the Nordic fintech ecosystem.Members, sponsors, partners and stakeholders of the Danish, Nordic and Global fintech ecosystem are hereby invited to join.The magazine will be published at Septermber 8 entering the Copenhagen Fintech week and is a great platform to position your company in the Nordic fintech industry.Please find more information about becoming part of the magazine here.

Press release: Danish fintech desperately needs talent

May 28, 2021

Fintech is growing rapidly. However, if this trend is to continue employee competencies and the conditions for talent acquisition must improve to support the continued development of companies. Therefore, the Copenhagen Fintech Policy, developed in collaboration between Dansk Industri, Finansforbundet, Finans Danmark, Forsikring & Pension and Copenhagen Fintech, contains nine recommendations on strengthened access to talent for fintech in Denmark.Read the full press release here (in Danish).Read the nine recommendations here (in Danish).