What is Copenhagen Fintech & Copenhagen Fintech Lab?

Copenhagen Fintech is an organization built on the vision of creating a Danish growth adventure within fintech.

Copenhagen Fintech works to enrich all stakeholders within fintech innovation, bringing the public and private sector together to achieve societal progress. Through our co-working space Copenhagen Fintech Lab, housing up to 50 fintech startups, we leverage our network, develop the community and ensure growth within innovation.

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Latest news

UNDP Impact Partnership Program

Dec. 9, 2020

Four Nordic companies ready to cross the ‘Sustainable Fintech Bridge’ between the Nordics and Singapore.Four Nordic fintech startups has been selected to join the UNDP and Copenhagen Fintech Impact Partnership Program. The program aims to bridge the stronghold of Nordic fintech startups, with scaling opportunities from the global and regional partners – Citi and DBS Bank – with local presence in the ASEAN region. The four companies will be working together with the partners to rapidly identify and prototype potential commercial and sustainable partnerships in the region.Read more about the four companies Earthbanc, Agroclimatica, Normative, Matter and the project.

Invitation to Danish-Israeli Cyber Security Webinar

Sept. 29, 2020

Israel is one of the countries most prone to cyber-attacks, but it is also, in some sense by necessity, at the forefront of providing top-quality cybersecurity – military as well as civilian. Tel Aviv in particular has developed into a leading cyber hotspot, where 20% of all global venture capital for cyber is invested, more than 450 startups operate, and where the tech talent pool is unrivalled. Given its military first-mover advantage in cyber security, Israel has had a head start vis-a-vis many OECD countries on the civilian and commercial use of cyber, positioning it as one of the most advanced cyber ecosystems outside of the USA and China. During the past decade, Israel has fostered some of the leading companies in cybersecurity including mature cyber companies like CyberArk and Check Point and a vibrant group of startups and scaleups. Through solid venture capital investments, the companies are developing ever more advanced cybersecurity solutions.It is this expertise we want to bring forward in this webinar organised by the Innovation Centre and Embassy of Denmark in Israel and Team8.Invitation to Danish-Israeli Cyber Security Webinar

Celebrating Nordic Impact Fintechs at Copenhagen Fintech Week 2020

Sept. 29, 2020

Copenhagen Fintech Week Global 2020 was held in the middle of September with 1400 attendees, 170 speakers from 40 countries, and more than 300 startups from around the world participated in the digital conference.This year's theme was centered on sustainability and UN's 17 SDGs where a jury of international experts in finance, innovation, and technology selected the best Nordic impact startups. Danish Jamii.one, Chainalysis, and Matter took home the awards for best "Financial Inclusion", "Anti-corruption and Crime Prevention", and "ESG Data" startups, respectively. Norway's Oslo Philanthropic Exchange took home the prize in the "Financing Impact" category and Sweden's Doconomy was awarded the best "Energy and Climate" startup.You can read more about Copenhagen Fintech Week 2020 and the awards in this press release.

Copenhagen Fintech Magazine 2020 released

Sept. 16, 2020

Together with Copenhagen Fintech Week 2020, this year's Copenhagen Fintech Magazine focuses specifically on how fintechs are taking responsibility and are working towards a more sustainable world.This comes down to product, business practices, business models, culture and everything else.Choosing what you stand for has a lasting impact. Read about some fintechs who have chosen their direction already, by following the link to our Intelligence page to download the report.

EY & Copenhagen Fintech report on Fintech Partnerships

Sept. 16, 2020

One of our key lessons from working with start-ups and the corporate sector, is that to establish growth, partnerships are necessary.This report, brought to you by EY & Copenhagen Fintech, showcases exactly what is needed in order to create fintech/corporate partnerships, the key lessons, as well as more than 10 cases on fintech/corporate partnerships, for you to learn from.Please follow the link to our Intelligence page to download the report.

Right board, right time? By PA Consulting & Copenhagen Fintech

Sept. 16, 2020

PA Consulting and Copenhagen Fintech have looked into an important issue for start-ups.When does it make sense to have a board of directors, how should it be put together, and how do you as a start-up drive the most value from your board?Having the right board at the right time is truly crucial for scalability and growth.Please follow the link to our Intelligence page so download the report.